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Support of Excavation

Excavations are often made for construction projects such as tunnels, bridges, building foundations, and underground utilities and structures.  The soil or rock around the excavation can be unstable and prone to movement. Support of excavation techniques are implemented to ensure the safety of workers, the protection of adjacent structures, and the stability of the surrounding ground. Selection of the appropriate support of excavation method depends on project requirements, soil conditions, depth of the excavation, and adjacent structures.  Depending on the nature of the project, various support of excavation methods, such as soldier pile and lagging, sheet piling, anchored systems, and bracing systems can be implemented. Infrazign can help you with your next support of excavation project. 

Soldier pile & lagging design
Soldier Pile & Lagging
helical anchor design
Anchored Systems
Sheet piling design
Sheet Piling
braced excavation system design
Bracing Systems
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