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Instrumentation & Monitoring

Geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring is a vital element to any project. Geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring (I&M) involves the use of specialized instruments to measure and monitor the behavior of soil, rock, and structures. Construction activities causing ground movements or vibrations need instrumentation and monitoring. As a result, most projects have a need for the development of a geotechnical I&M program. The program involves the process of installing the necessary instruments, collecting and analyzing the data, and setting up alert systems. Monitoring systems are crucial for assessing the stability and performance of foundations, slopes, tunnels, bridges, embankments, retaining walls, and support of excavation systems. Geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring provides essential insights into the behavior of ground movement, allowing the project team to evaluate risks, optimize the design, and potentially prevent catastrophic events. I&M programs provide clients with site monitoring and safety, protection of existing assets, and protection from potential litigation claims. The benefits of an I&M program are countless and ultimately saves the client's money. Throughout the project, Infrazign would be monitoring structures and providing mitigation measures for any threshold limit exceedance. Infrazign has the necessary expertise to assist our clients with every step of the development of the instrumentation and monitoring program. 

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